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Bankruptcy law can be overwhelming and it requirement can cause a lot of confusion if you are not 
familiar with the bankruptcy code. The The Orlando Law Firm P.L., a Central Florida bankruptcy law firm can 
help you choose the best possible option in going forward with your bankruptcy situation.  

Bankruptcy is the legal process which permits you , the debtor to either have the entire debt you owe 
discharged or to repay a portion of it.  If you need a fresh start and relief from creditors, then hiring a 
Florida bankruptcy attorney could be your best option.  Whether your entire debt or part of it is 
forgiven depends on the type of debt and what chapter of bankruptcy you file under. Under federal 
law, there are different chapters for filing for bankruptcy.  The most common one is chapter 7 
bankruptcy.  Chapter 7 is available to you if you have a lot of unsecured debt such as credit card debt, 
medical bills, and other past due accounts. After you have had your chapter 7 bankruptcy case 
finalized, these debts will be gone forever.  Both individuals and corporations can be eligible for chapter 
7 bankruptcy.

Additionally, if you file chapter 7 bankruptcy, creditors are required to follow bankruptcy rules, and 
most creditors should follow the automatic stay that the bankruptcy court puts in place. Creditors 
should stop the harassing phone calls and threatening letters the moment you file for chapter 7 
bankruptcy. If the creditors continue to contact you after we have filed for bankruptcy, please contact 
the The Orlando Law Firm P.L. and we will address the situation with the proper legal remedies.  Additionally, 
creditors cannot file for judgment liens or impose any wage and bank garnishments.  Filing for chapter 
7 should provide you the freedom from harassing debt collection calls and the stress that debt creates. 
At The Orlando Law Firm P.L., we understand that hardworking people sometimes experience bad financial 

Oftentimes, filing for bankruptcy is the responsible way of dealing with payments and debts that you 
cannot realistically make.  Why enter into payment plans with creditors when you know you will not 
be able to make such payments and even if you are able to, it will cost so much more?
Every situation is different so contact the The Orlando Law Firm P.L. for a free initial consultation now.

Note that you can start rebuilding your credit even after you have filed for bankruptcy.  In some 
situations it is easier to rebuild your credit quicker after filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy as opposed to 
filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy.  Bankruptcy courts use a "means test" to determine whether you are 
eligible to go forward with a chapter 7 bankruptcy case.  If your income exceeds certain thresholds, then 
you will likely not qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy.

You cannot get a discharge on certain types of debts such as unpaid taxes, child support, school loans, 
fraudulent debts, etc.  However, you might be able to keep homestead property in Florida, retirement 
accounts, vehicle and other personal property within limits.  If part of your debt consists of a secured 
loan such as a vehicle, you might be able to keep it by entering into an affirmation agreement with the 

Bankruptcy rules require you to complete a credit counseling course, which can be done online as well.

Check with The Orlando Law Firm P.L. to find out what debts you would still be responsible for.

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