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Being prosecuted of a theft crime will leave a permanent record on you, which will follow you 
throughout your lifetime.  Theft crimes are takes seriously in the state of Florida and the penalties can be harsh.  Theft crimes can be charged as either misdemeanors or felonies depending on the value of the goods or services involved.  Additionally, theft is an enhancement crime meaning that it is can be charged as a higher level crime each time it is committed.

Florida statutes define theft crimes as knowingly obtaining or using the property of another with the 
intent to deprive them temporarily or permanently of their property.  

If the value of goods or services involved is less than $300, then the crime is typically charged as petit theft provided (also depending on the number of times you have been previously charged with theft crimes).  If the value of goods or services is over $300, the prosecutor will charge the crime as grand theft.  Petit theft typically is a misdemeanor and grand theft is a felony.  Grand theft can be prosecuted under different felony degrees depending on the value of the goods. Whatever the charge maybe, intent is one of the key issues in theft crimes that the prosecutor must prove in his/her case in chief.  In many cases, there is no intent to steal or defraud.  Rather many people accidentally take the property of another and yet accused with a theft crime.  The consequences of being arrested and convicted with a theft crime can be serious.  Your reputation in the community will be at stake if you are facing a theft charge.  Additionally, because theft crimes are considered crimes of dishonesty, you might not be able to obtain employment in certain industries.

Some of the common theft crimes that we handle are:

Shoplifting / Petit Theft (less than $300)
Employee Theft / Embezzlement
Grand Theft (more than $300)
Dealing in Stolen Property
Scheme to Defraud
Identity Theft
Worthless Check
Stopping Payment with Intent to Defraud

Hiring a cheap lawyer could turn into the most expensive lawyer and mistake you ever make.
Once you have been arrested for a theft crime, it is in your best interest to contact an aggressive defense attorney to represent you.  At the The Orlando Law Firm P.L., we will seek to get your case dismissed.  If not, we will use our resources and skills to get the best possible resolution for your case.  We assure you that you will be informed of all aspects of the defense throughout all the stages of the case.  You do not have to face the legal system alone.  


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